Heavy-duty plant structure

Generally speaking, workshops with heavy crane lifting capacity or heavy work will use this kind of steel framework, such as open hearth, converter workshop, mixing furnace workshop, blooming workshop in metallurgical plant; cast steel workshop in heavy machinery plant, hydraulic press Workshop, forging workshop, etc. Zhongpu Heavy is a heavy-duty steel structure design, manufacturing, and construction unit, and has accumulated a lot of industry experience in heavy-duty plant structure engineering. Compared with light-duty portal steel-framed workshops, heavy-duty workshops have put forward greater management requirements in terms of design capabilities, manufacturing technology levels, transportation and process construction operations.

Large span structure

For example, aircraft assembly workshops, hangars, dry coal sheds, conference halls, stadiums, exhibition halls, etc. all need to use large-span structures, and their structural systems are mainly grids, suspension cables, arches and frames. Large-span spatial steel structures are currently widely used in urban construction in major cities in my country.

Tower mast structure

Including tower mast structures, such as TV towers, microwave towers, transmission line towers, drilling towers, environmental atmospheric monitoring towers, radio antenna poles, broadcast transmission masts, etc.